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Your stuff always crack me up
Good stuff

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Welcome to newgrounds my man!
really knocked the socks off with this animation.
Here before best of the year.
Tom better give this a banner

This is a masterpiece

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While the game feels real nice to play, the fact that you can go back on your tracks and overlap yourself just by clicking a button opposite to the direction you going feels not good, and it was something that was disabled in the original versions. In addition the turn button is not fast enough so sometimes you can die from trying to have a close flip which feels really bad. I think it should only proceed with the next move but I'm not a programmer so I cannot put the exact thing that is the problem with it. the game looks nice and I like the speed.
Good job anyway, I think if ya fix those and maybe add an option to make the board bigger it would be perfect.

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This is just insanely cool!

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Thaaaanks :)


I loved the first one so much and it was such a pleasure to beat it and this is just plain cool.

Awesome work, this is yet again super fun. keep making awesome games.

Happy Hanukkah and christmas

EvilObjective responds:

Thanks for playing man!

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I'm not gonna lie,
I expected shitpost.
This is not bad
The fact that you didn't raise the volume on everything to hit the limit is actually really good, although you fucked up the hi- hat. it sounds way too loud in comparison to the rest. You can pretty much balance the whole song if you just take that down 3 notches. I actually suggest you to literally just do it and put it up instead of this.
This doesn't sound like hip hop, this feels a lot like scifi especially with the synths and chords and generally how you made it.

Alright now open FL studio. Directly to the right of the PATTERN DISPLAY there is a bunch of buttons. You click the 5th button from the right it looks like two sticks and a square in the middle of them and that's mixing. Literally each line in the mixing place corresponds directly to the exact instrument in the channels and each knob controls the volume. Up the instruments that sound too strong and down the ones that sound too weak, literall do that till it sounds good. you can also connect them underneath and I donno what it does but it does interesting things so play around.

Also don't use the default drums, use the ones from the sample packs that comes with FL studio.


Damn nice stuff, goes pt hard.
A few (1 or 2) of the instruments sound somewhat bad, sort of like the default drums in FL studio, but it actually works surprisingly well for this song because it contrasts and harmonizes with everything else really well. So yeah dope song my dude.
also the things I'm talking about are some of the instruments in 0:42 - 1:00

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heyopc responds:

Yeah those guitars sound like shit ahaha thank you for the review my dude

This is fresh as all hell.
I remember hearing it as a kid in sushi cat and it's still a super dope tune!

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This is one hell of a pin up.
I would have this on my wall.

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I love the rendering, and the pose and colors look so nice!
Too good.

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BONESofBURIED responds:

Thanks bro

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no thenk you



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