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I Made Some Music

2016-05-27 06:25:38 by EiGiBeast

Imma just leave dat right here...



Made an abomination

2016-04-11 00:07:25 by EiGiBeast

such good use of time



2016-04-03 04:15:11 by EiGiBeast

Drawing is half only a few letters way from drawing good

Give That PR Dude an Oscar

2016-03-19 02:02:06 by EiGiBeast


What To Draw When

2016-03-12 23:26:03 by EiGiBeast

Theres no blood left


get it?

Happenis derives from

2016-03-11 20:27:35 by EiGiBeast

Insert cock joke here

Funny JOk3

2016-03-01 03:33:59 by EiGiBeast

Why ain't sheeps not doing no weed?

Cause they think it's Baaaaaaaaaad for them.

Weekly Motivation

2016-02-25 19:23:23 by EiGiBeast

Motivation is something that is fantastic to have butt the question is how much?

You might have heard the phrase "motivation should be given daily".

although it should be given frequently, a day is usually not enough time to dwell on a thought to stick with you for life.

a year? too long! over time it will become less and less effective if you keep tring to motivate yourself with the same idea. you can always find motivation again later from the same idea but just like a drug its effects will fade over time. our bodies have an amazingly capable recovery system- our bodies try to rebalence itself immediatly.

a man who lost his sight, an amputee, a man who won the lottery, and a man who lost his home will finally reach their Homeostasis, the property of a system in which variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant, when their body will reregulate their dopamine levels (or receptors) and will reajust the body to compensate for the loss.

that incredible, once-in-a-life-time birthday gift you got from your relatives was probably an insane wash of happiness back then but it isn't still providing you with the insane rush of dopamine that it did before.

because everyone of us is different, the time it takes until "desensitation" is going to be different from person to person. From our state of mind to our preception of the world etc. we will have different times that are best for us.

Having a week to a month to dig into a motivational value will give you enough time to really absorb it and use it to it's fullest.

Now, This is by no means a scientific conclution rather it is based on my own trial and error and the time it takes me to lose the effects of one motivation to an extant that i need a new one. it is usually around two weeks and that is what worked best for me.

if you are looking for something to motivate you right now than here it is: 



thank you very much for reading this long ass article... I hope you found it interesting or valuable for life.