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Animate CC 2017 really cool and useful updates and tools (Vcam)

Posted by EiGiBeast - November 26th, 2016

1) Built in Vcam- A built in camera able to size, move around, and rotate. works on all frames which can be a problem at times but can also be really useful and shows where the nest frame will be using cam in if it already existed in the onion skin. It ain't perfect, and has a few major flaws, but it's definatly a step forword. It's 2 gratest flaws are most likely the inabulity of the user to return to natural position, so the animator has to eyeball aproximatly what was the natural position of his drawing. another problem is the fact that it is the bored- that means it moves the entirity of the drawing meaning the animator is unable to readjust the brushes and bored all the time which is highly annoying.

2)Making a vector brush- Never been easier. all it takes is drawing anything on the board,right clicking (or accesing it from the paint brush tool settings manu[hotkey-y]) and choosing the thirs option or the create paint brush. from there it brings up a manu where it becomes easy and accesible for anyone to create vector brushes in all shapes and sizes, artistic or pattern and other nifty things including the fact it remembers colors for the particulat vector brush.

3)200 brush sizes- From the creators of annoying-to-use brushes sizes comes the invention of the year- size adjustable brush. one brush fits all- available to resize brushes from 1 to 200 in of the available shapes, finally bringing all size brushes without the need to helplessly play with the settings to reach your desired size.

4) The lines look really good on the 2017 animate cc. it feel really good and gliding across the drawing (I have all the line and shape recignition off so it might be different for you)

Hope this was helpful and that adobe will keep updating their programs for the better instead of crippling them with random crap

                                 Here hoping you have a lovely holiday season and an awesome day                                                                                               EiGi