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!TEASER! New Art Comming Up!

2016-09-15 04:51:13 by EiGiBeast


gonna finish this in a little while and post it here. more project coming at ya in a bit of a higher frequency.

now all yall sexy fuckers have a lovely ass weekend.


Straming right now



Well step right up step right up, don't be shy now, I don't bite very often.

Hello My name Is E.G. and I'm a musician that makes music for all musical musification musicable.

Currently on newgrounds There are only A few song of mine but guess what...


Yes! no need to ask for pramission just take it and be on your way (mentioning me or linking the piece in the description/credits).

I will also make a piece of music for a specific request as long as th piece is posted first on the newgrounds art portal under my name as public domain (for others to use).

Did I mention its free (unless negociated otherwise).

Classical, rock, jazz, instrumental, and maybe EDM in the future (Synths are confusing as all fucks)

I can also make you a 5 second music piece for an intro or outro

Dont wait. Pm me for extremly negociable terms of custome made music and with pretty good flexibility and speed.

No need to ask if you want to use something that is already on newgrounds just go ahead.


Dont be shy and get yourself one of these goodies today.




I donno why you can't see then in the unscouted section of the audio portal.


I Made Some Music

2016-05-27 06:25:38 by EiGiBeast

Imma just leave dat right here...



Made an abomination

2016-04-11 00:07:25 by EiGiBeast

such good use of time



2016-04-03 04:15:11 by EiGiBeast

Drawing is half only a few letters way from drawing good

Give That PR Dude an Oscar

2016-03-19 02:02:06 by EiGiBeast


What To Draw When

2016-03-12 23:26:03 by EiGiBeast

Theres no blood left


get it?