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2017-07-10 10:02:35 by EiGiBeast


First Time I actully do a robot day piece and nobody shows up.

kill me now.


Enjoy and have a lovely cancelled or not robot day


                                                              Much love and apprecion                                                                                    


This is a call for help

2017-05-06 14:32:50 by EiGiBeast

Send Nudes

WHAAAAAA? it's like christmas up in this bitch and mirecals keep on happening. go check it out here: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/eigibeast/tankman-pico-final-battle all of you have a wonderful pico day and a beautiful day!

I Made A Speedpaint Out Of An Experiment

2017-01-02 18:43:21 by EiGiBeast

I recently made this painting: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/eigibeast/blue-demon-hideaway

I was streaming portions of its creation and I made it into a speed paint so I can milk for attention. I mean ... umm... share it with people and try out new things... hehe he ... he I don't know why I'm still writing this instead of erasing and reqriting help I can't stop the only way to stop is to watch the speedpaint help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just realised I was hurrying up to upload this so bad I forgot to put the link. sorry goofed.

vidme: https://vid.me/vYJx

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNMBzudSEAM&t=86s

I Drew Something Decent

2016-12-28 02:07:40 by EiGiBeast

Drew something a bit more representative of my current skills and had some experimentation.


                                Have a nice day                                                                                                                                                                      -EiGi

Right off the bat happy Hannukah, Newyears, Kwanza, Christmas,Silvester, or anything you celebrate.

Now Iv'e been teasing for alot of stuff lately But apperantly coloring animtion takes me forever casue I insist on maticulesly painting every thing. Regardless, I'm working on a few animations with some closer to finish then others. I might release some of the backgrounds for public view since Iv'e been slaving away at them for a while now. (initial full animation 1-2 hours 1 background for 3 frames 2-6 hours). Iv'e also took up painting And I'm currently working on a piece for a friend sorta.

Iv'e also joined the Art War over on Cube brush. Seems like alot of fun and Iv'e been playing with some ideas lately even though Iv'e still yet to start my piece. Since there is along time I'm taking my time to improve so the final piece will look phenomental.

Iv'e been Keeping a sketchbook for the past mounths and I might do a sketchbook ture or whatever thingy cause I want to post them all at once somewhere. I feel like My art has been dramatically improved and it's visible in my sketches so I really have to start putting more stuff up on newgrounds. Even though I'm proud of what's up on the site now I think it isn't a representative of my current skills and achievement. I'm hoping I could fix that with a couple of new pieces some times soon.

If you want to see my works in progress and pieces I never released on newgrounds You can check out my twittter here: https://twitter.com/EiGiBeast . My art being a very messy process and result is a tough thing to determine when finished so I sometimes will get it to it's final stage and Don't realy post it just because I don't know how to feel about it. like this one https://twitter.com/EiGiBeast/status/807661587259682816 Which I might post in the future.

Anyway I hope all of you have the best of times with this holiday season and lots of luck with the new year.

                                                 With tons of love

                                                             Some ripped jew called EiGi

It'll be up in like a few hours or whenever I feel like it and if photoshop is gonna work. c ya then.

Yes it is.




Drawing the weird stuff you ask me to draw and maybe animation

1) Built in Vcam- A built in camera able to size, move around, and rotate. works on all frames which can be a problem at times but can also be really useful and shows where the nest frame will be using cam in if it already existed in the onion skin. It ain't perfect, and has a few major flaws, but it's definatly a step forword. It's 2 gratest flaws are most likely the inabulity of the user to return to natural position, so the animator has to eyeball aproximatly what was the natural position of his drawing. another problem is the fact that it is the bored- that means it moves the entirity of the drawing meaning the animator is unable to readjust the brushes and bored all the time which is highly annoying.

2)Making a vector brush- Never been easier. all it takes is drawing anything on the board,right clicking (or accesing it from the paint brush tool settings manu[hotkey-y]) and choosing the thirs option or the create paint brush. from there it brings up a manu where it becomes easy and accesible for anyone to create vector brushes in all shapes and sizes, artistic or pattern and other nifty things including the fact it remembers colors for the particulat vector brush.

3)200 brush sizes- From the creators of annoying-to-use brushes sizes comes the invention of the year- size adjustable brush. one brush fits all- available to resize brushes from 1 to 200 in of the available shapes, finally bringing all size brushes without the need to helplessly play with the settings to reach your desired size.

4) The lines look really good on the 2017 animate cc. it feel really good and gliding across the drawing (I have all the line and shape recignition off so it might be different for you)

Hope this was helpful and that adobe will keep updating their programs for the better instead of crippling them with random crap

                                 Here hoping you have a lovely holiday season and an awesome day                                                                                               EiGi